Investor Friendly Agent Tools

Freedom REIA wants to own the definition of what a Investor Friendly Agent is. We wan to provide tools that any Agent would fine invaluable, but that a Investor Friendly Agent can’t function without. We want to make sure that any agent considering becoming a Investor Friendly Agent has downloaded our questionnaire and understands the types of questions that Investors could ask.

investor-friendly-agentWe want to make sure an Investor knows what types of question to ask and if they really wanted the answers to the questions they would ask someone registered to our site who has our answer guide that we write as well.

Tool 1 – Agent Questionnaire Answer Guide:

Whenever an investor sends an agent a questionnaire we keep the answers and create a response guide so that we show how industry trends are changing.

We think this tool has great value in the local and national real estate industry and we make sure when we provide the results we specify which metro the agent was responding from but keep the agent’s answers anonymous and for use by our community alone and only if the real estate investor agrees to release this 4 page questionnaire data as well. We provide the agent questionnaire free to investors and the answer guide to our investor friendly agents.

Tool 2 – Investor Questionnaire:

The next tool that we want to provide is a 2 page questionnaire you give to the investor after they have a big check in their hand. This is a 2 page survey you ask them to fill out to understand what you did right or wrong and hopefully bring you references, ratings, and more deals in the future. Real Estate Investors are complicated. If you can make one happy people know you are good at herding squirrels or taming lions or anything else an investor can throw at you.

Tool 3 – Safety Fob:

There are 4 million Real Estate professionals that need a tool that will make them safe, productive and uncomplicated. With your year long subscription you get a safety fob that can be linked to your smart phone. You can hit the button on the fob on your key chain and let people know you are in trouble. You can do the same from the phone. You can order more than one fob and feel safe in your car and office to – you just need to be 200 feet away from your phone and the Bluetooth has to be turned on at the phone. You can let a trusted circle of friends or authorities know when you are going somewhere possibly unsafe and when you are back in a safe place again.

Tool 4 – Unlimited Video and Picture Storage:

The next tool we have was developed with hackers in mind. They are constantly going after big repositories of data like Dropbox to steal personal information. They took 68 million accounts in 2016 from Dropbox and continue to go after high profile data storage companies looking for your personal information. This is a place to store pictures and videos and anything else with unlimited storage and extra levels of security to make sure your data stays safe.

Tool 5 – Nationwide Directory:

Our next service helps you locally with investors. You will be given a zip code in a nationwide directory that you want to be found and listed among other Real Estate Investor Associates and can list your expertise and services. We create an ad campaign for you locally within your zip code on Facebook and Google “Display” and/or Google “Remarketing” campaigns for investors to reach you to you and find you on Freedom REIA, through your Facebook pages, Google+ Business pages, and Twitter accounts. We do a blast-off campaign to begin with and continue to promote you throughout the year.

Two exciting Tools on the way:

  1. Negotiating training game – Similar to “Heads Up” a person has a property to sell and at least 3 other people are given roles to buy the house. There are more than one buyer if you have more than 4 players, at least one player with bad information, and only one player that sell hints about the deal. Sometimes the best info is to walk away.
  2. Audio Interviews with a top investor’s agent – We wanted to make sure we give our top performing agents a chance to share their experiences with investors in a podcast.

We are only allowing Beta users at this point so the pricing is low and locked in for you for one year.